Inter-Brescia 6-0: Young, Sanchez, D’Ambrosio, Gagliardini, Eriksen and Candreva


Conte makes turnover and the game lasts 20 ‘: Young and Sanchez score, then there is glory also for D’Ambrosio, Gagliardini, Eriksen and Candreva

All too easy, even more than expected. Inter beat Brescia with a tennis score (6-0), respond to the victories of Juve and Lazio and continue its mission: to keep the championship alive for as long as possible. And Conte finally finds a new protagonist, expected almost throughout the season. Alexis Sanchez returns Maravilla in time of need, with Lukaku finally free to rest without affecting the team’s performance. Sanchez took Inter in his hands: two assists and one goal, with the penalty courtesy of Lautaro, the designated penalty taker. Another sign of how the nerazzurro team reasons for the team: Sanchez has not scored since the end of September, away from Genoa to Samp. Also that time he started with Lautaro: the beautiful coincidences.


Several unexpected protagonists attended the Nerazzurri party: Young unlocked the match on the 5th minute with a splendid volley from the center of the area. The doubling of Sanchez on penalty (20 ‘), as said, after splendid progress by Moses, among the best. The 3-0 came at the end of the first half with D’Ambrosio, good at getting into the second post and crushing a nice brush stroke by Young on the net. In the second half came Gagliardini’s revenge (7 ‘), in the same door as the unfortunate two-meter error against Sassuolo: this time the former Atalanta flew over everyone to shoot Sanchez’s side free kick. And the exclamation mark came with Eriksen’s first center in A (38 ‘), ready to take a short rebound from Joronen after a good play by Lukaku. And five minutes later he closed the set Candreva, with a left from outside.


And Brescia? Almost not received. To think that after 3 ‘it was Lopez’s team to get very close to the advantage, when Tonali turned Young’s ingenuity into an assist, fishing vertically for Donnarumma who shot high from a good position. Then, take off a couple of flashes of Torregrossa in the second half, the dark. And with these assumptions, salvation increasingly appears to be a mirage. Tonali, the most anticipated man in this stadium, should be reviewed: San Siro could be his new home, but first he will have to honor the season with Brescia. And quickly cancel this black evening.

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