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“The country is struggling to return to normal, there is no longer thesanitary emergency at the end of February, the terapie intensive are empty and the number of infected it drops day by day. There is no reason for the extension of the state of emergency that effectively gives the prime minister full powers. ” Maurizio Lupi, president of “We with Italy”, lashes out against the premier Conte and the hypothesis of extending it state of emergency for the coronavirus until the December 31st.

“Covid is fought with responsibility, not with the logic of fear that the state of emergency would perpetuate. Extraordinary powers with which to limit the freedoms of citizens are not what is needed now, if anything it is necessary to involve all political forces and not in unnecessary parades in Roman villas, but in the effective work of restarting economic and social life. No more blank delegations to the Prime Minister, Parliament must decide on issues so serious for public life, “underlines Lupi.

Coronavirus, Conte: we are moving towards an extension of emergency

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