Insults to a fan, former Mobile boss: Atalanta manager deserves the daspo


Daspo for the team manager of theAtalanta who gave the “terrone del c …” to a Neapolitan. He has no doubts, Giuseppe Fiore: former head of the mobile team of the Neapolitan Police Headquarters in the toughest and most difficult years of the fight against the Camorra, a former police chief of Ascoli and now an established lawyer. As a commissioner, Fiore was one of the very first to sign a daspo – an acronym for a ban on access to sporting events – when he was in the Marche. And today, in the face of the uneven reaction of a manager of the Bergamo team compared to a vulgar provocation by a blue fan, he just doesn’t accept that everything ends up in cavalry.READ ALSO Manager Atalanta to Napoli fan: «Terrone del c *** o». It is stormy

«The fact is now known – Fiore says to Mattino online – it is turning a lot on social networks and comments are wasted. We leave out the ethical point of view because that belongs to everyone’s sensitivity and I can only add that if the other is believed to be a “jerk”, one of the worst things to do is go down to his level or even lower. From a purely legal point of view, it can be said that we are in a definitely sporting environment as the place where the events took place and the Atalanta manager committed two infractions: a blasphemy and discrimination of a territorial nature or more simply racist».

“I believe – he continues – that sports justice can intervene so that these behaviors, at the dil à of social media, should be taken in their substance, that is, in the incorrect behavior of a sports manager. The sanction of sports justice to have a certain validity should be fast and adequate and for example the days of disqualification until the end of the championship could be a sufficient signal .. and it could be closed there .. But if one goes to look for it , then you can’t complain and the Daspo would be all there because when we talk about a person who can be considered dangerous the danger must be seen in a broad sense ». Because, explains Fiore, “the danger lies in the hypothetical possibility of fomenting reactions that are not appropriate … a bit like the choruses of the stadium curves. As a commissioner, on a couple of occasions I issued the daspo to an executive and a massage therapist (therefore even suspending a job) for incorrect behavior that could cause other exaggerated reactions. Measures that have governed every appeal ».

But that is not all. Since – concludes the former policeman – «everything is even more painful in a period in which the” terroni “have sympathized in every way with the Bergamo citizens also by sending money, doctors and nurses .. and this manager from Atalantino has shown a lack of ease as a truly disarming man .. as if to say that no event will be able to break down certain “bad feelings”. We’ll see what will happen concretely: but perhaps this gentleman, faced with a stupid provocation, rather than insulting the southerners would have done better to have a good laugh than to reply with such a heavy offense ».Last updated: July 12, 12:01 am © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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