INPS: this is how the new Covid layoff works


The maximum duration

Ultimately the maximum duration is 18 weeks considering cumulatively all the recognized periods, with the exception of employers who have production units or workers resident or domiciled in the municipalities of the red areas, for which the maximum overall duration is determined in 31 weeks.

The companies that transmit the application are exempt from the union procedure foreseen for the traditional lay-off without prejudice to the information, consultation and joint examination that must be carried out, also electronically, within the three days following that of the prior communication .

As regards the union rules of the Solidarity Funds, it is necessary to refer to the individual regulations that establish and regulate the relative Funds and which expressly provide for the need for the agreement for access to the service.

Questions by July 17th

The applications must be submitted, under penalty of forfeiture, by July 17th. Instances referring to periods of suspension or reduction of work that began in the period between February 23 2020 and April 30 2020 must be sent, under penalty of forfeiture, by July 15 2020.

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