Infection diagnosed in patient in non-Covid department in … (Antwerp)


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In the Antwerp hospital ZNA Stuivenberg, an infection with the new coronavirus was diagnosed on Monday in a patient in a multi-room in a non-Covid department. According to ZNA, the patient had no symptoms or complaints when he or she was admitted on Sunday. The patient was transferred to a Covid ward, the other two patients in the room have now tested negative.

The patient in question entered the hospital through the emergency department on Sunday afternoon and underwent a test for the coronavirus, the results of which, however, were delayed until Monday afternoon. In the meantime, the patient was placed in a multi-room. “Now that normal business has resumed after the first corona wave, all single rooms have been taken to hospital,” says ZNA. “As a safety measure, patients wear a mask after admission to the room, the beds are spaced far enough apart and the rooms are also ventilated.”

After the positive result of the test, the patient was transferred to a Covid department. Furthermore, the contamination does not appear to have spread. “The other two patients in the room have now tested negative, they will be tested again in five days,” says ZNA. “They now stay in quarantine, in the hospital or – after discharge – at home for two weeks.”

The two patients also wear the same masks as the nursing staff, it sounds, and are located at a safe enough distance from each other. “Both patients are cared for as if they are Covid positive, although there is currently no evidence of this,” the hospital network said.

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