Indra Hu-Ramdas publishes book on Covid-19


To create more awareness about the Covid-19 virus in children and parents, Indra Hu-Ramdas has published a book in Suriname. The title of the book is “Information to children and adolescents about Coronavirus and Covid-19”. Minister of Health Ramadhin received a copy on July 27.

The book provides information about the Covid-19 virus in simple language, allowing not only children but adults to take it in. Hu-Ramdas writes for children because she believes that when children realize that reading can be fun, they also learn and enjoy going to school. As a result, children study and finish school with pleasure. Studying and finishing the school with pleasure results in these children becoming something in society with pleasure.

Given that the costs for printing books are high, the writer hopes not only for support from the business community, but also for that of the ministry, because the book can have a positive impact within Surinamese society.

“I am happy to receive you here, actually you are at the right time,” said Minister Ramadhin. The minister indicated that the approach to the Covid-19 pandemic in Suriname will now be more focused on communication / information and behavioral change. The team is currently brainstorming how to increase awareness of society and make it specific to certain target groups. This would also allow the writer to contribute information about covid-19 virus to children.

The minister further said that he supports Ms Hu’s project. In connection with the nine-month emergency phase in which the government is now operating, the minister cannot release direct financial resources as support. He suggested that Hu-Ramdas write a project so that the ministry can make a proposal to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Hu-Ramdas will provide the other ministries with a copy through the Ministry of Health.

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