Incredible, Haaland kicked out of a local in Norway


ROMA – Erling Haaland, ended the Bundesliga championship with the Borussia Dortmund, returned to his home in Norway, to spend the holidays and better prepare for the next season. The young former Salzburg striker, however, was the protagonist of a rather curious episode. In fact, in a video it is filmed while a security member of a club in Norway pushes him out of the club while the footballer appears to be holding the phone in his hand with an ongoing video call. The security man walks away and Haaland seems to get angry and scream at him while being held by two others. The man then returns and seems to be conversing with the Norwegian national team, who is then dismissed again. Haaland, who ended the season with 44 goals in 40 games between Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund, in recent days had published a photo while holding a chainsaw, accompanied by the caption: “Vacation = Work”.

“Awesome Haaland, took 12 pounds in 15 months”

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