Increasing appreciation: Netanyahu is interested in dismantling the unity government


Going to the polls? More and more elements in blue and white think that the party’s insistence on a biennial budget should be reconsidered. Gantz’s original goal was to prevent Netanyahu from leaving on the way to rotation, but now party officials say that it may still be worth compromising on the budget issue, after reaching a conclusion – the current prime minister wants an election.

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In blue and white, they are considering dropping the budget and allowing Netanyahu to transfer the annual budget, in contrast to Ganz’s position, which has often claimed that this is a bad budget for the State of Israel. The party fears that if they continue to insist on the budget and the state gets caught up in the election, then they may be partly to blame, if they give up the budget – it will be clear who is to blame for going to the polls.

As of last night in the evening, Ganz was unconvinced and insisted on his demand for a biennial budget. However, senior members of his party express a different position and say that election prevention, especially ahead of the upcoming winter that is expected with the corona virus, is more important. As mentioned, the issue is still in internal discussions.

Special interview with Bnei Gantz
Special interview with Bnei Gantz | Photo: N12

But not only in blue and white, senior Likud members also estimate that Netanyahu is interested in dissolving the partnership. Even before the election, it is estimated that Netanyahu will try to form an alternative coalition, a step that is completely contrary to the current coalition agreement. According to the same estimates, Netanyahu will try to bring in Zvi Hauser (Derech Eretz) and other Knesset members.

Under the coalition agreement, neither Netanyahu nor Ganz can overthrow the government by casting a vote of no confidence and running for the new prime minister. Therefore, a creative solution has been found – the Likud is considering appointing Minister Deri or Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin as temporary candidates for prime minister, then the government will fall, re-emerge and after only a week they will vote no more and then it will be possible to nominate Netanyahu as prime minister. The Prime Minister’s Office has vehemently denied these reports.

The section preventing Mantz and Netanyahu from serving as prime ministers after a no-confidence vote states that: “In an alternate government, the Knesset has decided to express no confidence in the government and express confidence in another government under Article 28. .

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