Increased pressure on the City Mission – more people are seeking emergency help


Fredrik Karlsson, director of Örebro Stadsmission, is himself one of those who acts as a summer substitute in order for the operations to be open. The reason why the City Mission has not closed for the summer is increased pressure on the business, something that Fredrik Karlsson believes is due to the corona pandemic and the increased unemployment.

– We notice that there are both more and new guests, both at the Gate but also at the food center where we distribute food waste from the city’s food retailers. It is a significantly increased pressure, an increase of somewhere between a quarter and 50 percent, says Fredrik Karlsson.

“The vast majority are families with children”

At the food center, food bags are distributed to the Gate’s visitors one day a week, to Crossroads visitors another and, together with the Immanuel Church, a third to a group with broader financial vulnerability.

– The vast majority of them are families with children who simply need support to get their daily finances together.

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