Income of citizenship, the Italians refuse to work in the fields. What do Bellanova and Di Maio say? – Free newspaper


Who benefits from the Basic income is refusing job offers in the fields. The news, reported by Messenger, perhaps the Minister of Agriculture will make happy Teresa Bellanova, who will see only immigrants regularized by his amnesty work in the fields (perhaps in black and with starvation wages) but certainly makes the state cries cry. As a result of the flag-reform of Luigi Di Maio he was born in M5s, I’m 2.5 million Italians who receive unemployment benefits. Of these, a year and a half after the activation, “about one million of those who are considered employable have yet to find a job”, as the Roman newspaper recalls.

In September it will be inevitable. Disaster: Pietro Ichino in Senaldi, towards the catastrophe: the effects of income M5s, lockdown and government

This is why the opportunity to work in the agricultural sector without losing the right to the benefit was foreseen in the anti-Covid decree. A (remunerated) form of volunteering, or rather a “civil service” with economic and social utility. But nothing: the sofa is better. “The platform of Confagricoltura, Agrijob, has collected about 35 thousand curricula, of which less than a thousand have been uploaded by the holders of the citizenship income card. «We count 5,000 hires to date, but they don’t reach 100 the subsidiaries who found work in the fields with us »”. Same numbers for Coldiretti, which “with its platform Job in Country, has forfeited 15 thousand CVs, alone 250 from the beneficiaries of the citizenship income: «Approx 70 the recipients of the benefit who obtained a contract in the fields through Job in Country ».” While “the platform of the Italian farmers confederation, Working with Italian farmers, has totaled 5 thousand job requests, one of which about fifty from the recipients of the support “.

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