Incentives without scrapping up to 11 thousand euros, the Ecobonus Peugeot arrives. They can be combined with state bonuses


MILAN – The goal is clear: at least partially recover the volumes evaporated with the health emergency to limit the damage. The Italian market has already lost 500 thousand registrations but can still be partially saved: “By the end of the year we have to increase sales by 50-100 thousand units even if from September to December it will greatly affect the dynamics of the national economy”, explains Salvatore Internullo, director of Peugeot Italia . The French company is among the most active in this “recovery” operation and – as other manufacturers have already done – it has launched an autonomous incentive plan “to encourage the replacement of the fleet and offer customers attractive and accessible economic solutions”.

The EcoBonus Peugeot is already in effect. “We did not wait until August, when state incentives should arrive – adds Internullo – and we offer our customers advantages that start at 5 thousand euros, reach 9 thousand for the versions with thermal engine and up to 11 thousand for the most prestigious electrified models. Incentives paid without the obligation of having to scrap a car and without other constraints, also extended to the rental sector. For example, we are talking about 7 thousand euros for a 2008 and 9 thousand for the 3008, up to 11 thousand for the 508 Hybrid. they can be combined with other incoming government incentives, up to obtain extraordinary discounts. Those who buy electricity in Milan, where there is also an additional ecological bonus, can snatch prices that previously seemed unimaginable “.

On ecological power supplies Peugeot has driven with determination and the 208 (elected Car of the Year 2020) proves it. “The 10% of customers who have chosen the year – explains the manager – have chosen the full-electric version with satisfaction. Covid has not curbed this desire for battery-powered cars, which have not suffered a drop in desire. But we have an entire electrified range, launched 5 months ago with 6 models that tell the story of the energy transition “. In 2023 each Peugeot car will have an electrified version, a road also followed by the minivans (Traveler) and the commercial e-Expert awaiting the new Boxer in the autumn.

The manifesto of this revolution was the e-Legend concept presented two years ago at the Paris Motor Show: an essay of a 100% electric, autonomous and hyperconnected vehicle. “From that project – concludes Internullo – we took inspiration to build a sustainable present and a cutting-edge future. Already today 95% of our range boasts emissions that do not exceed 110 grams / km of emissions, the threshold indicated to access also to government incentives. But let’s not forget the growing trend in leasing: in the first six months of this year our Free2Move formula has climbed the sector’s ranking up to leadership “.

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