In Turkey the purge of lawyers. Erdogan wants to silence forensic orders


The lawyers are on the war foot, they protest throughout Turkey against the bill that provides for the establishment of alternative orders to the existing ones, which would be silenced because for the most part they are represented by lawyers who have positions of dissent and strong criticism in the towards government policy.

This opens up a phase of extreme polarization in the country that has few precedents and raises many concerns. The law was presented in Parliament on Tuesday 30 June and, if it were to be approved, the government would also have control over the elections of the governing bodies of the various professional orders. In essence, lawyers argue that Erdoğan wants to create professional associations headed by the country’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) to limit their rights and defense rights.

Lawyers have always been a thorn in the side for the presidential institutional system of man only in command. In the numerous orders present in each province of the country there are those who passionately defend dissidents, journalists, opposition politicians and human rights activists.

One of the objectives of the Turkish president is to infiltrate men in the service of his party into all state institutions.

Erdoğan has alreadyto transformed that wing of the judicial system set up by the Council superior of the judges is of prosecutors in a thornless organ, loyal to him, at his service, controlled through the Ministry of Justice.

Now is the time to put the defense system of the judicial system, i.e. lawyers, under protection. Once the way is open to the men of his party within the associations of lawyers, sarto the turn of other professional orders. Sarto the vault of the Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), the Order of Doctors, Pharmacists and willto the vault of the Order of Journalists.

Erdoğan does not want criticism and wants to silence society as a wholeto civil, he wants his representations to be an expression of his political vision and responsive to his idea of ​​societyto.

The dynamic societyto Turkish civilian, among the most fierce in Europe, born from the reform path that began in the late 1980s under the push of the pro-European agenda, is now seen as an obstacle to the President’s plan forge a companytobased on a new official ideology che combines modernity and local traditions, inspired by models of authoritarian regimes such as the Central Asian ones, models to which Erdoğan has always felt closer than the western ones.

In fact, he wants a company with the Islamic identity at the center and with institutions that work to make the country an economic-commercial and technological superpower, worthy heir to an empire that stretched from the Middle East to the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Africa.

According to the new official ideology of the president, the process of modernization in the western sense and of secularization operated in particular by the Atatürk revolution was a historical betrayal against the Muslim identity of the nation. And therefore the president wants to create an institutional system without constraints and obstacles able to correct what he believes to be “the evils of history”.

The current criminalization of all oppositions and the repression of every critical voice, accused of undermining national security, is therefore not only an electoral strategy aimed at strengthening the lost consensus, but in reality it constitutes the cornerstone of this new official ideology.

Since “national interest” is defined along the lines of a “historical mission”, there can simply be no room for political opposition. This is the “new normal” in Turkey.

The opposition must necessarily be wiped out. He is in a hurry, Erdoğan, to ratify the new law before Parliament goes on vacation. Because in the autumn there will be elections for the governing bodies of the various orders of Turkey and the president wants his men to lead the associations of lawyers.

On Tuesday, June 30, lawyers staged a protest in front of the Çalayan Court that saw the intervention by Mehmet Durakoğlu, president of the Order of Istanbul who gave a truly moving speech: “You will not be able to divide us – he said, addressed to the government – We represent the secular values ​​of democracy. We are advocates of the Enlightenment revolution. We are secular and democratic lawyers. We are lawyers of Atatürk and the rule of law. If you divide us, you will divide the people. You will no longer have anyone to defend you. Who will defend abused children? You will not find anyone to defend women who suffer violence, no one who will react against the destruction of rights and freedoms. But we’ll be there! We will be there because we are lawyers! ”.

In the evening, the viewers of the Tele 1 and Halk TV broadcasters were unable to hear the attorney’s poignant words Durakoğlu, they found themselves in front of a black screen with the white writing: “This for Halk TV is a historical censure: For five days the screen will be black “. RTÜK, the top Turkish telecommunications control authority, zealously overshadowed the two very critical television networks for five days against Erdoğan and his party. And now the media gagged in Turkey are 121: 53 newspapers, 20 magazines, 18 television stations, 24 radio stations and 6 news agencies.

The strength of the opposition are social media and some independent media, which are among the most followed in Turkey and therefore for this reason the intentions of the president must be eliminated. Users tend not to listen to the approved information that rages on all the numerous pro-government channels and prefer to follow independent media such as Fox TV, which is one of the most popular television broadcasters in the country.

So it is not enough for the government to control 90% of the information channels, because the critical voices against Erdoğan and his government still spread and find their listening channels and therefore the president is forced to obscure them if he wants him to hear one voice, if you want citizens to listen only to your voice. Erdoğan wants a single message to circulate: his. And he also announced a tighter control of social media after recent insults from Twitter users to his family. The president has promised to strengthen government control over social media, a long-standing goal of his Justice and Development Party. In a videoconference speech to provincial members of the AKP, Erdoğan said his government is determined to introduce a law that intends to force social media platforms to establish a legal presence in the country with at least one Turkish representative inside, obliged to adapt to the decisions taken by the court. The Authority for Information and Communication Technologies (BTK) will therefore have to be able to verify whether the social networks comply with the conditions established by Turkish law. The platforms will have to allow control of all information concerning users and back up all data. If these provisions were not respected, the provider’s Internet traffic would be reduced by 95% by order of the Turkish court, making navigation virtually impossible.

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