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In this way, the “German Rambo” hiding in power was eventually caught – the mother begged the police to leave the woods – Abroad


published: 17.7. 23:59

The German Rambo’s escape ended after six days of exploration.

German police caught a 31-year-old who had fled to the forests of Oppenau Yves Rauschin. He was called in the media was called “German Rambo”. Baden-Württemberg police said the arrest was on Friday.

German image tells how the arrest took place.

Yves Rausch fled the police and after his behavior was named “German Rambo”.

Yves Rausch was hiding from the police in a bush at the edge of the forest. The magazine says the man was armed at the time of his arrest: he had four pistols and an ax with him. The man had stripped four police of their weapons before threatening them in the woods after threatening them. It is now six days since the events.

According to Bild, the man may also have had a “farewell letter” in his arms.

The police operation was led by Jürgen Rieger. He told Bild that Rausch was found with two important clues: first the passer-by made a finding, another important clue came from a local Post employee.

Rausch was eventually caught in a bush in Oppenau-Ramsbach, about 2.5 kilometers from the city center.

The catchment area is located near the Bierhäusle restaurant.

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Mother: My son is not violent

In addition to the four police pistols, Rausch had his own pistol, knife and bow gun and arrows.

Rausch’s mother appealed to the police to resolve the situation. He hoped the police would withdraw from the forest.

– They should pull the troops out. After a day or two, he would come out of the woods, the mother told Baden online before her son was arrested.

The mother said she was not in contact with her son after he had disappeared into the woods.

The mother said her son was not violent, although she has been nicknamed “Rambo” in the German media.

John James Rambo is an imaginary action hero. He was portrayed in the movies Sylvester Stallone. Rambo was a character in action movies in the 1980s.

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