in the United States, the young democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reframes an elected Republican


The elected member of the House of Representatives Ted Yoho insulted her with the English term “fucking bitch”, according to a journalist who witnessed the scene.

She gave a fiery speech in Congress. One of the rising stars of the American Democratic Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sharply reframed Thursday, July 23, an elected Republican accused of having launched a sexist insult. On Monday, elected House of Representatives Ted Yoho approached his colleague on the steps of Congress to criticize her for remarks linking the rise in crime in New York to poverty increased by the pandemic.

He had accused her of being “completely crazy” and “sickening”. This one having continued on his way, he insulted her with the English term “fucking bitch” (“fucking bitch”), according to a journalist from the political news site The Hill, witness to the scene.

The elected Republican denied having made his remarks. In his defense, he said: “Being married for 45 years and the father of two daughters, I am very conscious of my words.”

These denials earned him a volley of green wood from the person concerned. “Having a daughter doesn’t make a man suitable. Having a wife doesn’t make a man suitable. Treating people with dignity and respect is what makes a man suitable.”, launched “AOC” in front of their colleagues.

The youngest congressman, 30, a figure from the left wing of the Democratic Party, then pointed out that she too “was someone’s daughter”. “Fortunately my father is no longer around to see how Mr. Yoho treats his daughter”, she added with barely contained anger.

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