In the shadow of the security incident: KS training will be held as usual


In the shadow of the security incident in the north, Kiryat Shmona’s municipal training was questioned, but after several moments of uncertainty, the Home Front Command instructed the residents that it was possible to return to a full routine. Thus, Kobe Medicine will deliver the training as planned.
Initially, following the sensitive incident, the IDF’s directive was that it was forbidden to gather and the residents of the sector were asked to stay in their homes.
Last night the team opened the season with four acquisition players: Roi Kehat, Adrian Rochet, Lucio and Dor Elo. The brakeman, Ziv Morgan, is injured and is expected to return to training in about a month. The striker, Muhammad Shachar, who is suffering from a crack in his foot, is expected to return to training next week

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