in the heat, the best masks are surgical – Il Tempo


With the heat wearing the mask becomes a torture. But you have to wear them on the nose and mouth to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Which are the best then with high temperatures? The answer comes from the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti. “An interesting work by Scarano published on Int J Env Res Publ Health would demonstrate how the best masks to be used in this phase, especially now that the heat has appeared are the surgical ones and not the N95 (or FFP2) – explains Bassetti – The N95 in fact as well as costing much more, they increase the facial temperature a lot, are more uncomfortable to use and have less grip. On the street I still see too many people with N95 because they think they are better. Leave it to the health workers and continue to use, when needed, surgical masks “.

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