In the Gamzo team: “Rival” of the Ministry of Health


Corona Commissioner Roni Gamzo announced tonight (Sunday) that field staff members will assist him. One of the most prominent names on the list is Prof. Idit Matot, who works with Gamzo at Ichilov Hospital, and is considered one of the Ministry of Health’s biggest critics in crisis management.

“As part of the fight against coronary heart disease, one of the main goals is to prevent inadequacies of the health system – in the community and in hospitals,” Gamzo wrote in the letter of appointment.

“Inadequacy is not just the numbers of patients or critically ill patients, it is the way the medical staff stands up, the resilience of organizations to all medical activities including the medical routine.

“As part of your responsibility, you must send a report twice a week describing the barometer of the situation, indicating the moment when the system approaches (two weeks in advance) failure. The team will be joined by a coordinating center from the medical division. ”

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health presented the new Commissioner for the Corona // Photo: GPO

Last April, Prof. Matot – director of the anesthesia, pain and intensive care unit at Ichilov – attacked the conduct of the Ministry of Health in News 12 and even called it “defeatist.” She will now work with him as part of the fight against the virus.

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The full list

Dr. Itai Pesach, Director of Safra Children’s Hospital – Sheba Medical Center

Dr. Hadar Elad, Head of the Community Medicine Division, from the Ministry of Health

Dr. Itai Pesach // Archive photo: Gideon Markovich

Prof. Idit Matot, Director of Anesthesia, Pain and Intensive Care – Ichilov Medical Center

Prof. Pierre Singer, Director of the Department of General Intensive Care and the Institute for Nutrition Research – Beilinson Medical Center

Prof. Pierre Singer

Heimes Gila – Director of the Nursing Department – Rambam Medical Center

Prof. Sigal Saviri, Director of the Intensive Care Unit – Hadassah Medical Center

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