“In the end, our quality came out. With Dybala a candid relationship, slowly I convinced him to play closer to the opponent’s area and to Ronaldo. Surprised by Cuadrado …”


Maurizio Sarri analyzes the success in Sky’s microphones derby. Here is what was collected by Tuttojuve.com:

It seemed to end with many goals by a little, instead you have complicated your life.

“Instead, he ended many goals by a little bit. It wasn’t a simple game, but we knew it. We took the lead quickly, then we doubled up and we thought maybe it was easy. The penalty made us nervous, made us lose control of the game because we thought it was closed and we made a mistake there. We had a few minutes of confusion in the initial phase of the second half, then when the two teams were completely tired, a much higher quality came out on our part “.

Perhaps more than other times, Torino has managed to aim your ball-to-foot defense, usually less happens. But you won the game well.

“Yes, we left the ball uncovered a little too much in the opposing half of the pitch and as soon as we moved the midfielders to go under pressure we were strung with them who played with these two midfielders between the lines and we in midfield did not move to a certain moment of the game very well, because we had a midfielder who was going aggressively on the ball, the other in preventive aggression and they stuck in it with a good continuity in the final half of the first half. in place between the first and second half because they seemed to me to be big defects of the game “.

Last year Dybala closed with 5 goals and was on the market, today instead he has 11 goals and determines. He is the player who makes the most difference in Serie A. What is the relationship between you two?

“A good, direct, straightforward relationship, without hiding anything. But on Dybala I had no doubts, because it is true that last year he didn’t score much in the championship, but if you take the championship 2-3 years ago he had scored a lot, he had only had one unlucky season. I always told him what I think about the attitude he has to keep, about how he has to train, about how he has to play and he tells me what he thinks. slowly led to the belief that he must come less to catch the ball in our half of the field and must travel much closer to the opponent’s penalty area and must play closer to Ronaldo. This is good for him and for Cristiano ”

Did Cristiano suffer from the lack of a free-kick goal?

“Honestly, I thought not, then at the end of the game he told me … finally. There maybe I understood that he had suffered a little. But he made an extraordinary goal”.

Cuadrado has been putting one excellent performance after another since the start of the season. I don’t know if the outside of the right is more Bernardeschi or Cuadrado, because Cuadrado is continuously in the opponent’s penalty area and is also reaping the rewards.

“To me sincerely Cuadrado surprised not so much for the individual qualities that we all knew, but for the application and the willingness to play on the defensive line. He is one who when we do departmental training has an application and concentration in training out of the ordinary. So he became a good defender maintaining his remarkable technical and physical qualities in the offensive phase. Then right now he is playing with two players in front who are also doing well, because Bernardeschi is doing very well in this period, Douglas comes in and always finds a way to mess things up and close them. So let’s say that we are doing well on that side, but it is also a field area that is essential for us to balance. ”

Buffon also risks breaking Del Piero’s all-time attendance record with the Juventus shirt: Del Piero is at 705, Buffon at 670. Is he 35?

“The goal should not beat him (laughs, editor’s note). He risks a bit ….”.



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