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There are those who criticized Luca Zaia for talking about “Tso and forced hospitalization” towards those who, coronavirus positive, refuse to seek treatment. Words, those of the governor of Veneto, referring to the story of the outbreak in the Vicenza area, which arose following the journey of the manager who was reluctant to care in the Balkans. But alongside Zaia there is also the son of man, 40 years old, identified by the Corriere della Sera with the invented name Francesco. “Luca Zaia, the governor, is right. He is right when he says that the Tso is needed for those who are positive and refuse hospitalization. Healing is a duty towards the community, you cannot risk infecting other people“, he says clear and round. Certainly not simple words, since addressed to his father,” the greaser “, the man who did not give up a crowded birthday party while he was sick, with symptoms and a fever. so he also continued to work, meet people, until the hospitalization could no longer be avoided: he is now in intensive care.

And again, the son adds: “To his behavior I find no logical justificationSo “hypothesize” a lightness or an underestimation of the danger he was facing. And to think that at the beginning Dad was very attentive to every form of prevention … In any case he made a mistake, and this is not discussed. ”

And that’s not all. Why always al Corsera the brother of the manager-giver speaks, albeit in a few words. At the intercom of his villa in the Vicenza area, denies the business trip to Serbia. “The business trip I read about in the press doesn’t exist, it has nothing to do with the company’s commitments.” And again, he speaks of “a private trip that I was not aware of and of which I know nothing and can say nothing”. A testimony that turns the case yellow.

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