In Nazi uniform with Hitler’s photo. The scandal of a city councilor in Friuli


He wears the SS uniform and has the framed image of Hitler behind him. The photo of Gabrio Vaccarin, town councilor of Nimis, in the province of Udine, is not made to go unnoticed. And after the outrage raised on social networks, even the party in which Vaccarin was elected in 2016 – Brothers of Italy – is quick to distance himself from him. Walter Rizzetto, deputy and coordinator of the Brothers of Italy for Friuli Venezia Giulia, does not recognize the director: “It is a must to specify that the director, who is not a member of Fdi, was elected in 2016 from our list. However, we asked Vaccarin to immediately remove the name of Fratelli d’Italia from the council group of the Municipality of Nimis. We cannot take further steps because, he reiterates, he is not one of our members. If we had learned before this story – he concludes – we would have made the necessary assessments in a timely manner. ” Rizzetto marries the hypothesis that the photo was taken on the occasion of a 2010 Carnival party. But he hastens to get his hands on: “This does not mean that I would not dress up even at Carnival with that uniform and those symbols, which do not belong neither to me nor to the political movement that I represent. “The good faith of Fratelli d’Italia does not seem to believe in many. For Fulvio Honsell, regional councilor of Open Sinistra Fvg, “This behavior is an insult to the memory of the territory of Nimis and to the history of our entire region, and cannot be resolved with a few sentences of circumstance. The regional Right has a colossal problem of moral quality, even before politics “. For the municipal councilor of Tarcento (Udine) of Fratelli d’Italia, Riccardo Prisciano, “The provincial coordinator had known for more than two years of those photos. Why did he not expel him immediately? It is reasonable to doubt that the regional coordinator Rizzetto is not been informed in the meantime. ” The Pd also intervenes, with the regional secretary Cristiano Shaurli: “There are no carnivals in uniform from SS. These people are ashamed, they are not worthy of holding any institutional position”. As reported by the Tgr Rai of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the investigators of the police headquarters of Udine have started investigations to understand if there are the details of a crime.

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