In Lombardy, post-Covid visits and analyzes will be free


«All citizens who have had the Covid they will do all for free exams and visits with a prescription, benefiting from a regional exemption waiting for the government to introduce it at national level “. Announces itLombard Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, illustrating the measures contained in the «health package» approved by the regional council.

“The exemptions concern in particular the infectious, pneumological, cardiological, neurological, physiatric and hematological visits with the diagnostic tests attached to them, “he explained. “The measures taken today also totally yield refundable the swab performed following positivity even in private serological tests – adds Gallera – whatever the outcome of the swab itself ». 15 million euros have also been allocated to hire “up to 892 people who will be assigned to the tracking of positive subjects or to the definition of their contacts, and to promptly carry out swabs in this phase of particular attention to territorial activities”.

In case of new ones Covid outbreaks in closed communities, such as work environments, neighborhoods or condominiums, each ATS, according to the new resolutions of the Region “in the face of the evidence of transmission of the virus, will carry out the molecular diagnostic tests to the whole community” specifies the commissioner in a Note. In addition, “each Ats will activate weekly epidemiological investigations by identifying the territorial area that has had the greatest number of positive cases in the previous week, arranging in the areas where the cases reside positive results (for example the census sections) up to 150 swabs and evaluating also the execution of the serological test “.