In “Khimki” denied rumors of a possible cooperation with “Spartak”


Vasily Ivanov, general director of the Moscow Region football club Khimki, commented on the information about negotiations with Moscow Spartak on possible cooperation.

“Partnership with Spartak? Well, how can we be connected with Spartak? They write about meetings, who met? Nobody met. Rumors have been going on for a month now, someone says something – they write right away. Honestly, the whole team is already tired because of this. No negotiations with Spartak are underway, ”Sport24 quotes Ivanova.

According to the results of the FNL championship of the 2019/20 season, Khimki won a ticket to the RPL, but the club’s promotion in the division was called into question due to insufficient funding.

Recently, information appeared in the press according to which Spartak could provide Khimki with financial support for entering the RPL, and in the future the clubs will cooperate.

Earlier, the general director of “Khimki” commented on the words of the head coach of the team Sergey Yuran about the sale of the club’s place in the RPL.

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