“In its old form, three million is a tip”


Nicolai Jørgensen should enjoy interest from Turkey, the Algemeen Dagblad reported. Nevertheless, agent Rob Jansen responded to the rumor carousel by saying that the Dane will also play in the Kuip next season.

In a poll on FR-Fans.nl 78% said they think it is logical that Feyenoord wants to keep Jørgensen. 22% disagree.

sire: “Whether Jørgensen or Bozenik is going to be 1st striker, both will be badly needed in the coming season. Do not see anyone else in the selection (or youth) who has the same qualities. The risk was once taken to keep him after a bid of 17 million. Should he ever get fit again and get close to his old shape, 3 million is a tip. That last depreciation can also be added. ”

Hans_Rdam: “If Jørgensen has a nice season, it will be worth 7/8 million next summer (with a one-year contract). 3 million now you have nothing. There is no substitute and for 3 million you really will not just get something better. ”

Zadkine: ” Extend Jørgensen’s contract for one year. Then all the balls on that guy. Also have all penalties taken and then in the shop window with them. ”


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