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In Israel, police have used water cannons against protesters criticizing the country’s corona actions – Abroad


The Prime Minister has admitted that the country’s economy was opened up too early.

In Israel, police have used water cannons against protesters late Saturday night. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, thousands have protested against the country’s corona crisis measures.

In particular, protesters have highlighted the economic impact of the crisis and the administration’s actions in this regard. Some have called for the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu difference due to corruption allegations.

Israelilaislehti Haaretzin according to the protesters are a diverse group of different groups and young people who do not belong to any particular movement. In their slogans, the protesters said, among other things, that they were now fighting for their bread.

Guardian writes that as a result of the viral crisis, the country’s unemployment rates have risen significantly.

Some of the protesters gathered for the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem, while others gathered in Tel Aviv Park. Opposition to coronavirus action has been demonstrated since at least early July.

According to a police spokesman, the protests had been licensed, but there were unauthorized disturbances, such as blocking the streets. According to the spokesman, in Tel Aviv, some protesters used pepper spray against police officers, leading to several arrests.

Support for Netanyahu’s actions in significant decline

In recent weeks, more than a thousand new coronavirus infections have been diagnosed daily in Israel. Johns Hopkins University, USA follow-up more than 49,000 infections have been confirmed in the country. About 400 virus-related deaths have been recorded in a country of about nine million people.

In Israel, shops and public spaces are closed on weekends, and restaurants are restricted to takeaway and home delivery.

Netanyahu has admitted that the country’s economy was opened too early in late April and early May.

The prime minister said this week about his intention to support citizens financially, which experts have criticized. Many believe that the country’s economy needs targeted support and not nationwide payments to citizens.

According to a survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute, at the beginning of July, only 29.5 percent of citizens supported Netanyahu’s corona actions. As late as May, the corresponding figure was 57.5 per cent.

site Statistics Worldometerin more than 40 people per million inhabitants have died in the country. The corresponding figure in Finland is 59. The Worldometer figures differ somewhat from those of Johns Hopkins, and inconsistencies in statistics have been observed on its pages.

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