in France, the mask becomes compulsory in closed public places


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                The wearing of the mandatory mask in closed public places comes into force on Monday July 20 in France.  A fine of 135 euros is foreseen in case of violation. 

                                    <p>From this Monday, July 20, wearing a mask in closed public places will be <strong>compulsory in France</strong> and those who do not respect this measure will have to pay a fine of 135 euros.  While the President of the Republic had announced its entry into force on August 1, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran advanced the date and explained that <strong>all establishments</strong> receiving the public would be affected.</p>                <div id="em-WB1897715-RFI-FR-20200719" class="m-em-flash">
                    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="fr" dir="ltr">From Monday, wearing a mask will be compulsory in closed places as announced by @JeanCastex.  This concerns shops, establishments open to the public, covered markets, banks ...<br/>Barrier gestures and screening remain essential to effectively fight the virus.</p>  Olivier Véran (@olivierveran) July 18, 2020</blockquote> 
<p>This measure is explained by the rise in indicators, raising fears of a <strong>resumption of the epidemic</strong>.  The health situation in many regions is starting to worry the French health authorities.  In eight of them, the reproduction rate of the virus is again greater than 1. This means that each patient infects more than one person.  This indicator shows a clear resumption of the epidemic, particularly in Brittany where the reproduction rate is 2.62 but also in New Aquitaine and in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, regions hitherto relatively little affected by the virus. .

The only alternative to confinement

However, the decree establishing the wearing of masks in closed establishments has not yet been adopted, but it should be in the near future. The government also wants to speed things up in terms of screening by strengthening the systems, especially in ports and airports. While waiting for a possible vaccine, tests and the generalization of wearing a mask seem to appear to be the only alternative to confinement.

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