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CASTAGNETO. Each inhabitant has a story to tell. Because a lot of VIPs have passed through Castagneto. The bartender talks about the time her idol asked her for coffee. The restaurateur smiles thinking back to that day when he did not recognize Piero Pelù and told him, in a bad way, to stop complaining about the leaves that ended up inside his door while cleaning the street. Now all the stories have only one protagonist: Mick Jagger, the singer of the Rolling Stones on vacation in the area.

On which property of the Della Gherardesca counts you use as a base camp for your stay hovers the utmost reserve, as well as a good aura of mystery that makes the story even more captivating.

But he certainly spends time at the castle, which has become a fort inaccessible from the outside. Including the dirt lane leading to the building: off limits. Being private property it would not be possible to enter without authorization, but even getting close creates some annoyance to those who answer from within.

Mick Jagger, however, certainly does not remain segregated between four walls. He certainly walks in the village. He did it last Saturday. And he probably did it on Sunday too. The castagnetani say that you do not like being in the center of the spotlight, but that you walk quietly through the alleys of the town, enjoying the narrow streets that climb suggestively on the hill and then suddenly give a breathtaking view.
The king of rock does not deny himself a breakfast at the bar. And he stops to look at the shop windows, buying jewelry, clothes or simply bread. It seems that he does not often go out for lunch or dinner, but that he prefers to stay and eat in the castles or villas of the counts. Perhaps in a sector of the Ornellaia estate, perhaps in villa Montepergoli. Maybe in both.

On Friday afternoon a large-displacement car came out of the curve at the entrance of the town, taking the dirt road towards the Castageto castle. At the wheel a man, beside a woman. Whoever was there bet it was Mick Jagger. On the other hand, those who live near the castle swear to hear it play, especially in the early afternoon. It must be said that every myth is surrounded by suggestions. But here the bases are all there. And whoever lives in the village waits to see the singer walking again.

“The first time I ran away, but if it happens again, I’ll be ready,” says a trader from the center. It seems that it is not easy to recognize Jagger. Because it walks aside. Except in the central streets, because there it is impossible to go unnoticed. And above all, a detail on which everyone agrees, he wears a hat, in addition to the mask. In short, the dream stay of the myth of music has become everyone’s dream. But it is certainly not the first time. In Castagneto Mick Jagger is at home.

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