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The battle for the budget continues: Netanyahu and Gantz have one month and 3 days left to agree on a budget or for Israel to go to the polls. Sources in blue and white said tonight (Tuesday) that if the government falls because Netanyahu insists on an annual budget, they will insist that Gantz enter Balfour during the transitional government, since Netanyahu will be the one to thwart the biennial budget agreed upon. And it turns out that this is enshrined in the coalition agreement.

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The agreement signed between Blue and White and the Likud with the formation of the current government stipulates the following clause: If there is no agreement on the budget issue, the issue will be brought to the decision of the prime minister and his deputy. If the budget has not been transferred on the agreed date, the party who failed to transfer the budget and / or did not support its transfer will be considered to have violated this agreement. In the event that there is no agreement, a change of prime minister will be made in such a way that the party chairman who abides by the agreement will or will continue to serve as prime minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Bnei Gantz swear by the Knesset | Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman

To date, both parties have not been able to reach an understanding regarding the budget. Blue and White stressed that a biennial budget was agreed upon and according to the agreement, if Netanyahu wants an annual budget then he is to blame for the failure of the negotiations and Gantz should immediately enter the post of prime minister. On August 24, the Knesset will be automatically dispersed, so the blue-and-white statement of intent is especially significant.

The depth of the crisis does not stem from the budget. It stems from the fact that if there is no consensus on the state budget, there is no need for a vote or a government decision, nor an active decision to go to the polls – the government automatically disperses, and goes to the polls to be held in November. Against this background, Ganz and Netanyahu are apprehensive.

Despite the recess, the Knesset will convene to discuss the issue
If no agreements are reached, the Knesset will dissolve on August 25 | Photo: Noam Rabkin Fenton / Flash 90, News

Ganz is interested in a biennial budget because he fears that at the end of the one-year budget period, Netanyahu will seize the opportunity and go to the polls so that Ganz does not serve as prime minister. Netanyahu, for exactly the same reason, prefers an annual budget so that he will have a starting point for the election if he needs it. It should be noted that there are all sorts of creative solutions to the matter, such as outside support during the course of an annual budget. And yet, it is clear that if they do not reach a final agreement, then the November elections are not a far-fetched scenario at all.

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