Immobile’s report cards: he was like Schillaci at the World Cup, now he can’t get one anymore


Serie A top scorer, Ciro Immobile, is experiencing a moment of decline. It has jammed. Lazio also fall at home against Sassuolo and his bomber does not go beyond 5 in the report card for us, as well as for the Corriere dello Sport: “Out of rev, engine off”, writes the newspaper.

Even half a point less in report card from The Gazzetta dello Sport: “He touched the ball and it was a goal, like Schillaci in the World Cup. Now he can’t do it anymore. A serious mistake”, the hard judgment of the Rosea, closely followed by Corriere della Sera, according to which it is out of condition and not very serene. Finally 5 is the vote of Tuttosport.

Gazzetta dello Sport: 4,5
Tuttosport: 5
Corriere dello Sport: 5
Corriere della Sera: 4,5 5


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