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Belotti calls, Immobile answers. And Mancini observes. The duel between the attackers of the national team continues: yesterday, however, the stage was the same, the Olimpico Grande Torino. A 2-1 final that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the grenade, but which gave Gallo a third consecutive goal. The left-handed fireball against Udinese, the beautiful shot against Cagliari, yesterday’s penalty against Lazio: a triple ring to send a clear message, he is here again this year. Oh yes, because the super vintage of Immobile risks obscuring Belotti, capable of still going easily in double figures. This year, nine days from the end, the game reads 12 goals in 27 games in Serie A, for a total of 88 goals in 183 appearances for Torino.CERTAINTY – Notable numbers, in which the record of 26 goals in 35 games of 2016-2017 emerges: a magical year, similar to the one that King Ciro is experiencing. The average goal of the biancoceleste bomber is very simple: 29 goals in 29 games, one per game. And Mancini gloats. A year after the European championship, the dilemma is more intricate than ever: who will be the center forward of Italy? The 4-3-3 is now consolidated, the speed and liveliness of the exteriors is essential for a team that nevertheless makes dynamic midfield its strong point. The coach has been clear and several times has reiterated what, to date, is his only certainty for the attack: “I built Italy on the collective and not on a single player. We side with three forwards: I play with the true center forward and with two outside players“.

REBUS – Looking at the characteristics, therefore, the Rooster would seem the perfect man for Mancini’s requests: an area center forward, who also works a lot for the team. Impossible, however, to turn a blind eye to the sensational numbers of a record-breaking Ciro Immobile: the goal, now, are the 36 goals in a league marked by Gonzalo Higuain. Rewinding the tape to the last two years, moreover, it is noted that Immobile was the most used attacker by Mancini: 8 appearances as owner and one to take over, while for Belotti they are 5 as owner and 9 as substitute. To date, it is difficult to imagine a tandem with both holders: Mancini has to solve the (sweet) rebus at 345 from the European debut.

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