“I’m calling the firefighters”, what happened


Iva Zanicchi publishes a video on Instagram in which she appears desperate: “Now I’m calling the firemen”, here’s what happened to the singer

Iva Zanicchi desperate: “Now I’m calling the firemen” (Source: Screen Instagram)

Iva Zanicchi, better known also as theLigonchio eagle or the Italian Amalia Rodrigues, is one of the most appreciated singers of the Italian music scene. It has an almost tenorile vocal timbre and is also endowed with great determination and personality. During his career he has ranged from the most diverse musical genres, from blues to melodic music, to pop music and songs dedicated to children. In 1970 it was defined by Alighiero Noschese as “the thumb of the Italian song”, that is one of the most important Italian musical personalities, together with Mina, Ornella Vanoni, Patty Pravo and Milva. Recently, in addition to music, Zanicchi has also been involved with television in the role of commentator.

Iva Zanicchi desperate: bad misfortune for the singer

Yesterday, bad weather hit some Italian regions, especially Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. Summer storms that did not last long, but which were intense and also caused a lot of damage. Zanicchi was also overwhelmed by bad weather. L’Ligonchio eagle she was filmed by her partner, Fausto Pinna, with whom she has been linked since 1986, while trying to remove the water from her garage. The singer appeared totally desperate and in the video, published on her Instagram account, said: “Today, July 11th, look at what is happening in front of my garage. Ten minutes of hail rain and watch what a mess! All manholes have closed, it was the end of the world“. The singer and television commentator then added: “Now I’m calling the firefighters“. The situation, in fact, seemed really serious and even Zanicchi declared that even her dog was quite afraid. Fortunately, however, the situation seems to have returned to normal. As stated by the same VAT, the downpour lasted only ten minutes, then the sun returned.

The video, as we said, was shot by the singer’s companion, Fausto Pinna. The two have been romantically linked since 1986. Before Fausto, Zanicchi was married to Antonio Ansoldi, from whom she had a daughter, Michela, born in 1967 who gave her two grandchildren: Luca and Virginia. There is a beautiful relationship with Fausto and in a recent interview with Piero Chiambretti’s program on Rete 4 he said: “Fausto and I are doing well, we support each other, we feed ourselves, that is, he feeds me because he is a superfine cook. After forty years together we still laugh a lot. Isn’t that already “a lot of stuff,” as the kids say today? “.

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