Iliad, 100% bonus recharge. Perfect new scam that affects users


Iliad 100% bonus recharge

Another scam in these hours against Iliad. And once again we can tell you this unpleasant story in absolute preview, up here, thanks to the many reports of our followers. This time the scam is designed really well so continue reading this short post, because it is not excluded that the attempt to deceive has already arrived on your smartphone.

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Goal, once again, stealing customers’ credit card money, taking advantage of Iliad’s good name. A manager stormed by web criminals, precisely because he is recognized for his qualities of seriousness and transparency. It is therefore easier to trigger the theft, using the credibility gained by the red mark of “truth”.

Iliad banner

But how does the scam happen this time?

We reconstructed the whole scam starting right from the first step, sending a strange SMS. We publish it below:

sms iliad scam

A full 100% reload bonus. Offer sufficiently tempting to convince the user to click on the strange link that in fact seems to lead to the Iliad reserved area, where users are usually used to entering to recharge their SIM.

Here is the screenshot of what appears after clicking:

Iliad fake site

It looks like the real Iliad site. Too bad only for the detail of the logo, much larger than the original site. Paying attention to the URL, however, you can clearly see that something is wrong:

Iliad url fake offer

Here is the fraud site: is obviously not the official domain used by the company. But it is obvious that a less careful look could easily get confused.

Needless to say, by logging in, you are invited to enter personal and card data which will of course be used for rain charges. And the scam once again served.

In this case, however, it should be noted that the cybercriminal made use of an .it domain, which is quite rare. And in fact, in the public registers this time the owner of the site also appears to steal data. We, out of respect for privacy, have hidden the name but obviously we always report the thing to the Iliad team which will surely move quickly to protect its customers.

Whois data fake Iliad site

Please be very careful and don’t fall into this kind of trap. There is (at least for the moment) no 100% bonus reload promotion with Iliad. Always check that you are actually on the Iliad official web domain which is and never enter your card details on suspicious sites.

Before closing, however, another unpleasant news that always has to do with scams but this time it seems connected directly with the managers of a telephone company. We are talking about the storm that is involving WindTre in these hours, with the Guardia di Finanza to search the company’s offices.
The investigations are ascertaining the position of some managers of the company, accused of being part of a system of charges that are not very transparent to the detriment of WindTre customers. A story that could turn into a giant earthquake for WindTre.

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