“If he had lost consciousness, he would not be alive now” – Libero Quotidiano


Alex Zanardi he is hospitalized in intensive care at the Siena hospital after the serious accident with a truck. Republic intercepted the first doctor who rescued the former Formula 1 driver and told those moments immediately following the tremendous impact: “Helmet in pieces and a very bad head injury“. He is Luigi Mastroianni and he was on that road by chance, being on vacation with his partner: “Suddenly all the vehicles stopped and I understood the accident. I have prevented a gentleman from moving him from the ground, with such serious head injuries people must not be moved. I don’t know who he was, maybe someone who had seen too many wants E.R. on television and thought he knew how to be a doctor “. Then the testimony on the very critical conditions: “He did not speak and his eyes were half closed. He was in a state of semi-unconsciousness, so I asked his wife to talk to him, so as not to completely lose consciousness. If it had happened, he probably wouldn’t be alive now“.

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