IDF: We thwarted a Hezbollah attack on Mount Dov, tense days ahead


“The IDF spokesman announced on Monday afternoon that the exchange of fire with Hezbollah forces on the northern border, in the Har Dov sector, ended. According to the army, the soldiers managed to disrupt an attack by 3-5 terrorists who crossed the international border on Har Dov to a depth of a few meters.” The observer from the Har Dov outposts identified the terrorists and since then they have been controlled by fire and observation throughout. We opened fire to disrupt their plan and they fled back to the territory to Lebanon. There are no casualties among the Israeli forces, while the fate of the terrorists is unclear.

In an IDF announcementTo stressed that “tense days are ahead of usThis, in the shadow of the threats sent by Hezbollah in recent days following the assassination of the organization’s operative in Syria last week that was attributed to Israel. In addition, the military denied reports in Lebanon that there was anti-tank fire, saying that To our understanding No such shooting took place. The event was in the bushes and is still going on. There is now artillery fire for the masking of Mount Dov that we are carrying out. We fired at the terrorists from a range of hundreds of meters, Delivered.

Following the calm achieved in the swampAt this time, the northern roads were opened to civilian traffic. “The deputies we closed to civilians are opening but still limited to soldiers. Residents of the Galilee and the Golan are returning to normal.” The Home Front Command also announced a return to routine. For about an hour, the IDF instructed residents of localities in the Lebanese border area, including Kiryat Shmona, Metula and Rosh Hanikra, not to leave their homes. In addition, the army temporarily blocked roads in the area.

At noon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz adjourned the meeting of their factions in the Knesset and went out for security consultations following the report of an exchange of fire on the Lebanese border. “We are in a difficult security incident,” Netanyahu said as he left the Likud faction meeting, where he clarified that “we are constantly following what is happening on our northern border. When I say ‘we’, it is me, the defense minister, the chief of staff – all of us together.”

He added that “our policy is clear. Lebanon and Hezbollah will be responsible for any attack that comes out of Lebanon against us. Third, the IDF is prepared for any scenario. We work in all arenas for Israel’s security – close to our borders and far from our borders. “

The incident began around 3:30 PM, when an IDF spokesman announced a “report” that a security incident had taken place in the Har Dov area and that the details were under investigation. According to reports in Lebanon, the exchange of fire took place in the area of ​​Kfar Shuba near the border, and increased forces of the army made their way to the area of ​​the tank junction and the village of Rjar. According to an Israeli correspondent for the Al-Miyadin network, which is close to Hezbollah, a force of the organization fired a Cornet missile at an armored vehicle. In addition, a reporter for Hezbollah’s television network, al-Manar, reported that Israel was attacking artillery fire in the area of ​​Kfar Shuba in southern Lebanon.

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