IACHINI, difficult to play every 3 days. Ribery …


Giuseppe Iachini, coach of the Fiorentina, spoke to the club’s official channels on the eve of the challenge againstHellas Verona. This is what he said.

What game will it be?

“Definitely a difficult one like everyone since the championship resumed because there are so many unknowns, even more so when you play in such a close way. You have the readings after the game, first hope that they can go in a certain way, then you find several on the pitch. We have been preparing, Verona has been working together for a year, it is doing an excellent job, it is traveling on the wings of enthusiasm and it will take a great game from all sides. missing our 12th man, who are our fans who always gave us great support. We will have to be good at playing a match up to the situation in terms of organization, attitude, attention for 95 ‘and possibly , since we are one of the teams that pulls the most on goal, we hope to have a little more luck and to be more precise given the 5 poles hit in 5 games. To score points and win games you need to be more concrete under the door “.

How is the team’s physical condition?

“We have some disqualifications and various ailments, but it is normal when you play so close. We have to do two more training sessions, tonight and tomorrow morning, to evaluate and verify who can start from the beginning. Who plays from the first minute is not who is the owner, there are match strategies where multiple challenges are prepared in the same match and they must all be read in the same way with the importance also of those who enter the second part of the race which must go to affect by virtue of the minutes where in the second times of dips or of different rhythms can make sure that whoever takes over is decisive. After three days we will play another difficult race away. There are evaluations to be made “.

The return of Kouame and the constancy of Ribery are two good news.

“All the guys are working hard considering the weather and the situation, but we are happy with these two guys. Kouame is recovering from the injury, we hope that in the last few games he can give us an important hand. As far as Franck is back, he is with us, he trains, he is fine and it is hard to keep him out if the recoveries are what we have been in the other matches for his quality, his ability in dribbling. We will see in the last hours the answers of the training, but from them , like the other strikers, we expect a lot because that’s where we have to make an important impact. We could have had some extra points that unfortunately we don’t have because of the lack of a few goals too many. ”

Are there any singles or particular game situations to keep an eye on in Verona?

“It is a team that comes on you, plays man, makes one against one in all areas of the field. We will have to be quick and quick in the delays, in going to recognize movements both in the offensive and defensive phase with speed of reading , margins of play without the ball and unmarking. Things that we have verified, but there is always the field that has to tell us. We respect our opponents, but we must think of Fiorentina, of us and of making an excellent game. ”

Are you satisfied with Dragowski and Terracciano?

“Yes, they are two guys who have always worked well. I have no problems like I didn’t have them in Parma when I chose Pietro (Terracciano, ed) when he had to enter the field. Drago is a good goalkeeper, they are doing their best. and we must continue to be a team from the first to the last because everyone is needed because playing every three days the recoveries are what they are, the efforts are many, the rhythms, in this heat, you never know how you find them. games to play at a certain intensity, but then on the field you find yourself struggling that you don’t expect and there are. We must be tactically organized, attentive, always focused. We also see in the other teams many mistakes that in normal seasons the players would not make because they are dictated by the effort, the attention, the environment that is created in these games here and we will have to deal with them carefully “.



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