“I was lucky enough to work for Inter and experience the emotions of San Siro, among the most beautiful stadiums in Italy”


The former Inter coach, Luciano Spalletti, he opened the doors of his home and his footballing philosophy. From his love of football, which he himself defined as the heart of the world, to the coach who has most impressed him this season. Some time ago the technician from Certaldo had already shown on social media the installation created in the garden of his home halfway between what are his great passions of life, as he tells the official channels of League Serie A. “Football is the heart of the world and beats in the same way everywhere and those who love it never play away, they always play at home. This installation was born from the passions I have had in life. There are more things inside. Football with which I consumed miles and miles of road grabbing all the most beautiful sensations. There is the countryside and nature because my family has always lived in the countryside. I was lucky enough to work for Inter, in Milan I was able to experience the emotions inside that stadium which is the Scala del Calcio which is perhaps one of the most beautiful stadiums in Italy. Thinking that football is often found in children’s dreams and dreams come from heaven, therefore stairs to symbolize the fact that you have to go upwards to meet these dreams. These are the shirts of the players that I have had the pleasure of coaching or as highly respected opponents that I have met. Usually a coach does not ask the players for shirts, I often had my storekeeper do it. This is a place that I like to live because it reminds me of all sleepless nights to give satisfaction to those fans who live for this ball every day. ”

His footballing philosophy, aimed at attacking and attacking the opponent, a philosophy he finds in Paulo Fonseca, today coach of his former Roma:

“For me it has always been an attraction to play offensive football, a football in which you score goals, go on the attack and challenge your opponent. Fonseca brought this attacking football, he wants to play offensive football and has a clear understanding of the plan he wants to carry out. He was also good at adapting to our championship and something changed it. If they work it will make the public in Rome enjoy enjoyable football in all respects.

The former Roma and Inter coach also speaks about Edin Dzeko:

“Dzeko has the completeness of the characteristics of an attacker, you can ask him anything. When he comes he knows how to keep the ball, change direction and take it away. Inside the area he attacks the depth and is good at asserting his physical worth, he is fast, he’s good at head and with both feet. He’s a fantastic footballer. ”

On the resumption of the championship he closes:

“From the top of these stairs the show that I expect to see and that I saw in this shot is a very high quality football because in our league we have all the characteristics to send an important message in the world. Football is truly the tool for put things right after the bad times people have gone through in the world. ”

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