“I never had an intimate relationship in prison”


What exactly happened at Zalmon Prison? Last week a prison guard locked two inmates in a cell together, for several hours. The investigation into the incident has already been handed over to the police, according to the IPS because there was a suspicion of criminality, although it was not stated exactly what the suspicion is and who it is. Now, in the shadow of reports of sex with prisoners and even prisoners, the prisoner speaks for the first time. In a conversation with Ynet, these allegations: “I have never had an intimate relationship inside the prison,” she said.

Discrimination of prisoners


(Photo: Eli Atias)

The incident in question took place on the night between Friday and Saturday last week, and according to the IPS, in light of the severity of the incident, an investigating officer was appointed to the rank of sub-Gondar. To detail, that the prison intelligence officer was taken on forced leave following the incident. Simultaneously with the conduct of the investigation, as mentioned, reports were published about the prisoner’s intimate relations with prisoners, and her picture was even circulated on social media.

After being transferred from her position at Zalmon Prison to another prison, last night (Wednesday) Prisoner L. decided to present her version of the story. “I have never had an intimate relationship with anyone from within the prison walls and since the incident of course I have not talked to the prisoners. But after everything that happened, I decided to tell the whole truth and I stand behind it,” she said.

L., a young woman in her 20s and the mother of one child, says that she decided to speak after the reports of the incident were published, which she claims are untrue, and that her picture was spread online. “Those were the hardest 48 hours I’ve been through in my life,” she said. “It hurts, not only me and my good name but my girl and my family,” she added. “It’s hard for me to deal with it, while I’m in my own trauma about being locked in a cell for two and a half hours.”

According to L., she began her shift at Zalmon Prison, on the night between Friday and Saturday. She entered the ward shift at 4 a.m. after a short rest. From here she described the sequence of events that night.

Archive 2017 Keller Nafha Prison near Ramon Prison Archive 2017 Keller Nafha Prison near Ramon Prison

(Photo: Herzl Yosef)

“I came to the office in the wing and put my belt and cell phone on the table, I came to make myself coffee and take cookies from the fridge and I heard shouts ‘Warden’, ‘Warden’ from the wing. I went out and asked who it was, I was told it was cell 29. I went to the cell and saw one prisoner lying on The bed when it is all white and unresponsive, above it stands the other prisoner and pours water on him and slaps him so that he wakes up. ”

L. says that she knew that the prisoner from unconsciousness had a health background, and she said she decided to enter the cell to check on his condition. “It was a decision I made in a split second, which I did not think about,” she said.

“I opened the door and put my foot between it and the jamb. The problem was that there was a small step with a metal strip, my shoe slipped in and the door slammed. The second it happened I told the prisoner that the door was locked, I went to the window and called ‘Save’ and ‘Prisoner’ and we both read “I went to the window and started shouting ‘save’, I saw a tour that went by car and even though I knew the names of the guards in the car and called their names they did not hear. I tried to shout from the door hoping someone would hear, but it did not happen.”

In those minutes, she added, she did everything in her power to free herself from the cell. “The cell door is mostly blocked except for a few bars, I had the key to the cell, but using it is only possible from the outside so I asked the prisoner to try to help me try to help me move the key between the bars and use it from the outside but I could not. “I was having an anxiety attack.”

Only at six-thirty in the morning, about two and a half hours after the start of the event, did L. shirt out of the booth. “When they realized in the morning that I was not answering the phone, the shift officer came to the wing. As soon as I heard the door slam and that he was in the wing, I called him and he came and opened the cell for me.”

According to her, the discourse that takes place around the case hurts her. “I am traumatized by the case. I even thank the prisoners who were empathetic. The prisoner who was awake was very careful that I did not touch him, not even by mistake. I believe that justice was served, because that is what really happened there.”

Adv. Ben Maoz Haim Shukerni Adv. Ben Maoz Haim Shukerni

Attorneys Ben Maoz (right) and Haim Shukerni. The warden’s attorney

(Photo: Shai Ohayon)

L.’s lawyers, Ben Maoz and Haim Shukerni, responded: “Our network strongly denies all publications, defamation and defamation published in the media. This is one big lie, lacking a factual basis and detached from reality. Our network has never maintained intimate relations within the prison walls, never “With guards and not with prisoners. We are sorry that there are those who seek to harm her honor and good name and we have no doubt – even the slightest – that the truth will become clear very soon. Later, when the story is behind her, we will consider who spread the lies and hurt her honor.”

Attorney Eyal Basarglik, representing the prisoners at the incident, said: “My client needed medical treatment and his cellmate called for help. The same treatment, which he did receive by the competent authorities. The IPS did not even think for a moment that there was anything wrong or Improper on the part of my client, and any investigation conducted by the IPS did not claim for a moment that anything was done that was wrong on my part. Needless to say all about the activities of the warden, and in the context of other factors, have nothing to do with my client and should be regretted that They chose to involve my client in this context. “

The IPS stated: “The incident took place on Saturday, July 25, and as a result, a preliminary investigation was immediately conducted by the prison commander, which was based on the testimony of the prisoner and other people involved. Based on the details of the initial investigation, reference was made to the incident. However, following the seriousness of the case and findings from the investigation, the Northern District Commander appointed the Deputy District Commander, a sub-Gondar officer, as an investigating officer for the incident.

“In view of the initial findings, a criminal suspicion arose and as a result, and on the recommendation of the district commander, the acting commissioner of the prisons ordered that the investigation be transferred to the Israel Police in the National Prison Investigation Unit. At this point, it was decided to send the prison’s intelligence officer on forced leave until the facts are clarified. The Prison Service will cooperate fully with investigators and will work resolutely to investigate the truth.


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