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Palamara on the audio shock of condemnation to Berlusconi: “A story of which I know important pieces”

“With my lawyers, we believe there is a very serious problem like using these interceptions. In some moments of the day it is perfectly functional, in others it is not. I don’t say it, the papers say it. “To say it, interviewed by the director Paolo Liguori in the Tgcom24 address book Facts and misdeeds he is the prosecutor and former president of the National Magistrates Association Luca Palamara. As for the controversy concerning the sentence a Silvio Berlusconi in Cassation for the Mediaset trial and to the audio shocks released by Reformist he said; “I know some important pieces of this story,” he explained.

As for wiretapping, he explained that it is a system “in some moments of the day it is perfectly functional, in others not. I don’t say it, the papers say it. With my lawyers we believe there is a very serious problem. The prosecutor, I speak for myself, think of interception as a means of seeking evidence. It is essential: the Trojan marked a qualitative leap in the fight against corruption, the mafia and terrorism. But there is a huge problem of the real functioning of these IT collectors “, he added. The Trojan” has a limited duration, is in the hands of people we don’t know, manages a mass of data of third persons who are catapulted into this affair that concerns me but they are strangers “, concluded Palamara.

Then he went back to talking about the justice system that “must be profoundly remedied and revised, it is a system that is struggling to move forward”. According to the former president of Anm he “failed the current system, he failed the current sharing system,” adds Palamara. And he explains: “On the one hand it brought the best to the most important places in Italy but it penalized many others excluded from this mechanism but I would be afraid of the introduction of the draw” for the choice of the togated components of the CSM.

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