I had to keep calm in the face of serious and defamatory accusations of that pseudo-fan “


Atalanta, the team manager’s apologies for the incident with the Neapolitan fan arrived

Football News Napoli – Mirco Moioli, Atalanta team manager, apologized after the bad episode that saw him protagonist yesterday afternoon while the Orobic team went to Turin. The manager shouted “Terrone del ca …” to a Napoli fan.

Lite with the Napoli fan, manager Atalanta apologizes

Here are his words: “I apologize for the expression used towards this pseudo-fan. I apologize for not having been able to remain calm in the face of the serious and defamatory accusations of this gentleman who, apparently, had prepared the provocation. I am not justifying, I am aware that I was wrong, also towards Atalanta “.

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