“I had been on TV and got a call from a doctor: something is wrong with your thyroid”


She had been a guest at Jinek’s to discuss her decision to quit as a pro bono lawyer because of the low fees. “As a lawyer you can count on the fact that there are always crazy people who look you up after such a broadcast on the internet: because you defend criminals,” she says.

“And indeed I had already received the first email from someone like that. But this woman sounded serious. She did not discuss the content of the conversation on TV, but only talked about the medical.” “she told me.”

Then the phone call was over. Jeltes was ‘flabbergasted’ for a while, but the doctor’s tenacity on the other end of the line made her take the message seriously. Rightly so. Her doctor sent her to the hospital for an ultrasound and what the unknown doctor had seen on television turned out to be correct. She had a goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland. But the hospital doctor also immediately had good news: fortunately, there was no harm.

“Not really a hypochondriac”

“Immediately it was clear that it was not a tumor and that it remained within the margins. It does not bother me. And fortunately it is not a sign that something else is going on.”

With that, the stocking was finished. Jeltes did not worry about it. “I’m not really a hypochondriac,” she laughs. Until she read People Magazine online this morning, like every week. There was a very similar story from the US:

‘It turned out to be cancer for me’

People.com magazine published the story yesterday of TV reporter Victoria Price, who works for the television station WFLA in Florida. She received an email from a viewer, after reporting to the camera about the latest developments regarding the coronavirus.

“Hi, I just saw your report,” the viewer wrote. “What troubles me is the lump on your neck. Please have your thyroid checked. It looks like my neck. I found it to be cancer.”

And so was Price. She will be operated on next Monday. And the doctors think they will be there on time. “It is sowing, but not too much. We hope that the upcoming operation will be enough.”

Now Jeltes’ story didn’t have the drama of the People Magazine story. Her life was not saved by that one phone call. But it did bring about something. She never really called that doctor who called her out of the blue two years ago. She doesn’t know the name, and didn’t write the number down.

“She was a woman, I think from The Hague or that area,” is all she remembers. “But the fact that such a person takes the trouble to look up my phone number and call me after watching a television program, that is special.”

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