“I don’t like senators for life too, but Cav deserves it” – Libero Quotidiano


Dear readers, I understand your reasons, you have them and I recognize it. I also don’t like life-long senators, usually appointed not on the basis of special merits but because of affinity with power. Furthermore, I do not see the need to send more or less questionable characters to parliament, not elected by the people but appointed by the President of the Republic almost as if he were a monarch. However, Berlusconi’s case requires a separate discussion. He has been sentenced to jail by various judges, not all of whom are respectable, at least according to the latest revelations which it is difficult not to believe. They massacred him with a sentence that does not appear legitimate, since a toga of the board of judges declared that the problem was not the crime not committed by Silvio, rather that of killing him because he was considered a rascal. Yesterday new testimonies emerged that support the hypothesis of the political-judicial plot. In short, we are faced with a rather disgusting maneuver that must be clarified in detail. However, one thing is already well established. The Knight was sacrificed because he was on the goiter at the shop of the left. I don’t think there are any doubts about this. Among other things, the leader of Forza Italia, at the time the first national party, was expelled from the Senate as a result of the Severino law, erroneously applied retroactively. A bullshit of this type shouts revenge and imposes compensation to the benefit of those who have suffered it.

Obviously, those who hatched the fraud should be punished, but we know that in this country the magistrates enjoy total practical impunity; if one of them, let’s say, combines it big in Cremona, badly whoever goes to it will transfer it to Crema and good night to the bucket. Every professional is known to pay for their mistakes, except for pm and colleagues. Justice has never been seriously reformed so that it is impossible to punish the reprobate. Dog does not eat dog, in brutal and popular terms. The only one who in Italy has a say in the matter is Mattarella, the custodian of the Constitution, who has the trump card, that is to hand back the knight to Palazzo Madama, since he was expelled in a fraudulent manner. That’s all. The figure of the senator for life is not in question, although he does not like us, yet, given that Silvio was deprived of the bench with an incorrect maneuver, at least it must be returned to him. Such as? By giving it to him for his whole life.

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