I don’t care about cats, but the man who roasted the feline creeps and who justifies it even more


2 July 2020 16:59

Cats, unbridled animalism and obsession with racism: because who justifies the man who roasted the feline at the Campiglia Marittima railway station is embarrassing

I don’t have a good relationship with cats. I have never liked them, for various reasons that I am not here to illustrate. The fact is that if one day there was no longer even one on the face of the earth, it would not make me hot or cold. I will never accept the fundamentalist deviations of the animalistic ideology that feeds the sects of vegans, gattari et similia. I don’t like cats, I said. I don’t like them and I could very well do without their existence. The same goes for so many other quadrupeds, bipeds, birds, reptiles and whoever has more has more. But that’s not why I go around killing them, first of all because in Italy article 544-ter of the Criminal Code is prohibited which provides “imprisonment from 3 to 18 months or a fine from 5 thousand to 30 thousand euros“For anyone who mistreats an animal, with punishment increased by half if the mistreatment causes the death of the beast.

Obviously I eat all the meat I want, even game, based on my food preferences. But it must be meat produced in compliance with national and community regulations, therefore traced, controlled, legal. The purchase in the butcher shop or in the supermarket, and in the case of game I limit myself to that of the periods when hunting is allowed and the species that fall not only in my tastes and hunting standards, but also in the socio-cultural traditions of my land . I would never afford to eat a steak in it India or Nepal, the sausage in Jordan or tunisia or a pastissada in the United States or in Israel. Why in those countries respectively Cows, the Pig and the Horse they are not eaten, for various historical and cultural reasons, a bit like in Italy dogs and cats, of which many other communities of various continents feed blissfully.

I would never allow myself to eat food considered sacred, or which in any case does not fall within the eating habits and traditions of those countries, not only to avoid violating the laws but also to respect towards that population and society. Which of course would send me to the pillory, rightly and understandablyif I behave abnormally with respect to their habits, albeit in line with everything I can do in my country.

In Italy, however, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic we were scandalized when the governor of Veneto Zaia he expressed some considerations on the hygiene of Chinese food uses, so much so that he was forced to apologize. Every day we have hordes of animal rights activists who make war on both hunters and breeders, fighting our most genuine traditions and one of the most important supply chains of our economy. Every summer we are hammered by the “advertising progress“- as they call them – against the abandonment of animals.

Beppe Bigazzi

A few years ago we raged against a great Lord, journalist and gastronomist like Beppe Bigazzisuspended from its transmission, “The cook’s test“Because he cited a wartime recipe, referring to ancient proverbs and customs relating to the consumption of cat meat in Italy 90 years ago.

Today, however, we find ourselves exceptionally tolerant towards a man who in broad daylight and on a public sidewalk, has roasted a cat in front of a train station: everyone to compete with those who defend him, “poor fellow was hungry“,”in his country he will be used to it“, is suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore: animalism, veganism, food protocols, animal abuse. Everything becomes allowed, obviously because it is an immigrant and then woe to stigmatize the wrong behavior of a clandestine, who then we find ourselves beheaded monuments and demolished statues.

A lot less was enough for many Italians to end up on the gallows: just two years ago, in the province of Reggio Calabria, a 38 year old saw the Carabinieri fall into the house because he had bitten a goat and posted the video on facebook. Animal rights associations mobilized, seized all the animals, “taking them into custody“, And they defined it bluntly”a criminal“.

This time, however, there is nothing criminal because the killed and roasted cat puts everyone in agreement with the respectability of the third millennium: everything we consider fundamental for the respect of values ​​and principles of our society, loses meaning before immigrant. To which everything is allowed, unlike the natives who must be careful to respect rules and customs. And woe to behave in equal measure with the stranger, otherwise they tell us that we are racist. But how much more ignoble is there than a community that tramples on itself?

It is not hot or cold for me which nationality is the author of any gesture, nor do I care about cats. But if the slaughter of a kid or a pig leaves me indifferent because it is part of our culture, seeing a roasted cat makes me a little disgusted. And who justifies the author of the crazy gesture even more, especially because it does not do it for the gesture itself but based on the skin colour of the chef. Had it been Italian, we would have a new criminal to be thrown in jail. But he comes from the Ivory Coast, poor thing. And racism, so we are really doing it. Against ourselves and our identity.

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