“I can’t.” seconds of awkward silence – Libero Quotidiano


Moments of off-schedule embarrassment between Milena Vukotic is Pierluigi Diaco. Guest of Me and you, the mythical actress who plays Pina, the wife of Paolo Villaggio in the series of Fantozzi, talk about his career. At some point Diaco “improvises”, takes the guitar and plays some passages of Reginella, unforgettable song of the classic Neapolitan repertoire and taken from the moment he asks Vukotic to accompany him singing the verses. When the text passes, the 85-year-old actress stops abruptly and after a few seconds of chilling silence, the hope of the conductor dies in the bud: “I can’t to read in Neapolitan “. More than a curtain, a … Battleship Potemkin.

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