“I begged the doctors to put me to sleep” – the story of the Ashdodite who recovered from Corona


The corona virus broke out into our lives without warning and soon managed to spread throughout the world. The lack of familiarity with the virus has caused many commentators to guess its effects on the public, and many scientists and professors have filled the studios in every media outlet in the world, trying to diagnose the impact of the virus on humans. Some have underestimated and claimed that it is “only the flu”, some have scared and threatened that it will cause a thinning of the world’s population, and most to this day do not know how to decipher the exact effects of the virus on the planet in the coming years.

Already in the first outbreak in Israel, we discovered that the virus attacks every person differently, with some people not feeling the effect of the virus on their body at all, compared to others whose body systems have collapsed and they got rid of the damn virus. But slowly as time went on, the health system was able to identify the effects of the virus on the many infected, the sense of taste lost, the odor that will never return, or the sudden hair loss, are some of the side effects experienced by patients and infected, but what exactly happened to corona patients we have not yet Know.

The living dead: The young man from Ashdod who managed to recover after his body systems collapsed

The most difficult story belongs to Dudi Schwartz (29), an ultra-Orthodox Ashdodite resident of the 6th District, with no background diseases at all, who contracted the virus and was anesthetized and respirated for many weeks, when at one point his body systems collapsed and he was defined as humanly ill. Only miraculously has he been able to overcome the serious illness, and these days he is completing a long and tedious rehabilitation while returning to the routine of his previous life.

Schwartz tells his personal story that was first revealed here, moment after moment from the time it all began until the last days when he had already returned to work. Schwartz: “I contracted the virus in the middle of the first wave at the end of March, during my work as a disposable utensil marketer. I have no idea who I really contracted but one day I just did not feel so good, for Tommy I was lying in a room with my body weak. I called and asked for a test, but I was refused on the grounds that I had not met any patients, I was not abroad and therefore I do not deserve to be tested. ”

My uncle goes on to say: “My wife saw that my condition was really not good, and began to drive them crazy to let me be tested, which eventually helped and I went to Jerusalem to be tested, as there was no option to be tested in the city. Knowing that at least it’s not Corona. Another week passed when my condition worsened day by day – not breathing, not sleeping, having difficulty functioning. Until the Saturday night before Pesach, my mother, who saw me in such a situation, decided to do me a serological examination by a kit she received from the Rescue Union “The low result caused the family to call me an ambulance to the house, which evacuated me to the hospital. On the way, they put an oxygen balloon on me, which gave me a little breathing.”

When my uncle came to the hospital, he told the brother who received him that he had undergone a corona test and came out negative, but this he insisted that by all indications he was infected with the virus, and indeed another test revealed he was positive and was hospitalized in the dedicated corona ward in Assuta. “After I was hospitalized I felt the condition was deteriorating and I asked the doctors to help me. I did not breathe and begged them to put me to sleep, at least for a day or two I would be able to close my eyes and maybe wake up with strength to continue, gave me another day to diagnose my condition. For a long time and of course as many know I woke up after a month during which my condition was human, “Schwartz goes on to describe.

We asked my uncle for a moment to stop and come back with us to what was happening at home in those days: “As a result of my presence before I was hospitalized my wife contracted, my 7 year old daughter and possibly the baby. My wife Batya was positive for two months, it’s a long time. When her husband was anesthetized and resuscitated in the hospital, without shopping. When my parents took care of everything for them and invested – meals for Passover, shopping, toys for children. ”

The difficult recovery, willpower and uncertainty

My uncle comes back with us to the hospital and says: “After three weeks in which I was anesthetized and respirated I came out negative from the virus, but they could not wake me up. Another week I was under anesthesia, it was a difficult time and because of the long anesthesia I could not walk. “I see that I’m getting better and a lot of it is a matter of willpower, because I went through a terrible period after I recovered – stress, leg pain, terrible attacks, something that can not be explained and the worst thing is that no one knew what to tell me to do, to guide me.”

Assuta Hospital Ashdod
Assuta Hospital. Photo: Nathaniel Prianti

Schwartz adds: “When I was in the hospital, I always asked the doctor how I could go back to being my uncle Schwartz, not wanting to be better and no less, just the same thing, and this feeling you say to a man – fucked for life, there is no depressing, and here I am Today I feel better than expected.Today when I talk to people in this situation, I try to encourage them because they are broken and afraid, and their mood is so bad, that’s what makes the situation worse. I explain to them that I was already up and when I heard a doctor tell my dad twice I was up and forcefully pulled me back to wake up and come back to myself, that’s what strengthens because in the end I live and work, I went back to work and I try to feel good. ”

Finally, we asked my uncle what he thought about the conduct of the country around the virus: “I really think it should be a little stressful, because I look at people who are not careful and my heart aches, can not see it. I understand the business owners, people lost everything, but on the other hand How can you not be careful. I see people disrespecting others and it’s sad, I before everything happened I was never sick and I never imagined it would happen to me and here it happened. In conclusion, you have to keep sanity, leave politics aside, take care of business, not drive people crazy “Yes, yes, no, and on the other hand, to be careful and to be careful is not a joke.”

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