I apologize to Mr. Sarri and hang Dybala on the wall


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I like to inaugurate this very hot post derby Sunday with two simple and necessary operations. The first is moral and concerns Maurizio Sarri, to whom I feel the need to apologize absolutely public. Those who, in life, do not have the civil courage to admit the mistakes made towards others are not much and do not deserve respect. After the big game of the Italian Cup I wrote that Maurizio Sarri had only one way to go to save himself and his future image as a coach, that is, to resign from Juventus. A certainly radical assessment and advice, probably also suggested by the disappointment of the moment, now clearly denied by the facts: not only thanks to the results obtained, but also from the reading of the attitudes and words of the coach himself. CHANGE – There is no doubt that Sarri, as an intelligent person as he is, has understood that he is working in a special society with special kids where not only theories and field strategies count, but also psychological figures. He has rounded the corners of his rough and apparently dictatorial character, he learned to measure words, he reset the most stubborn part of his ego. It was great yesterday to see him smile and laugh after each goal, his shirt unfastened and without a mouthpiece between his teeth. Now the rest will come on its own, with him and his boys back together. The class is not learned, and Sarri professionally possesses it, the style is learned. I renew my apologies, from my heart.

Dybala – The second operation I wanted to do concerns Paulo Dybala. On a wall of the study where I work, right above the desk, for years there has been a framed photograph of Omar Sivori, my myth forever and ever. Well, from today at his side there is the image of Dybala. And I don’t think it’s necessary to provide explanations as to why.

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