“I am satisfied with the game. The goals? Three pearls of a unique beauty, sorry public absence. 78-79% of Serie A victories, despite what we feel around we are doing well”


Maurizio Sarri comments on Juventus’ success at Marassi on JTV’s microphones. Tuttojuve.com takes up his words:

That door behind him was a painting where they painted 3 wonderful goals. It is rare to see three goals like that in the same game.

“We had a good game, we had an excellent first half, with great mastery, we kept the field very well, moved the ball fast, we often went to the conclusion even during the first half. Then we resolved it with three pearls, three beautiful pearls, these are the moments and actions in which you are sorry that the audience is not there, because they are three goals that leave emotion, all three of a unique beauty. I am happy because for our attackers it is important to score and it is important to score also goals of this type. It’s okay because we have made a performance once again growing, we are growing, we are growing in physical condition and mental condition, so I leave satisfied with the game “.

His first Juve 72 points in 29 games. Are so many.

“There are many. In the league we have a percentage of 78-79%, it seems to me to be the highest percentage for a Juventus debut manager in the last 60 years. Despite what you hear around, it’s a team that is doing well. It is also growing in terms of spectacular performance. ”

Did you also have the impression that your players had a lot of fun tonight?

“Yes, I had the feeling even in the first half that they were having fun on the pitch. In the second half even more. We needed to let players rest, but they saw that everyone with your finger made you do this (mimic the ‘no’ with finger, ed.) Nobody wanted to go out. Then it is only right that the players who have done more minutes in the last period take a breath. But it was something we had talked with Paulo and Cristiano in the last few days, they too were aware of this”.

Every single player looks significantly improved compared to previous games. Are you on the right track?

“It seems so, the situation is so anomalous that unfortunately we don’t have certainties either. We are living an experience never lived in the past, so we are also looking for evidence. Nobody has certainties in such a situation, because no one has ever experienced it. The feeling is that we are growing, we have to work a bit to grow those who come from Ramsey, Higuain-like injuries, to bring them to a higher minute, because they are important players for us and that in the following they will be absolutely necessary “.



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