hundreds of people refused by coronavirus


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has refused nearly a thousand people at the Dutch border in the past seven months. Of these, 302 were due to the corona measures.

That writes The Telegraph based on figures from the Military Police. Those numbers show that most of the people who were refused because of the coronavirus came from the United States. A spokesman said: “We have our hands full with the refusals and investigations at the border because of the Covid-19 rules.” According to the spokesperson, lack of clarity about the rules also leads to crowds. “We are inundated with questions from travelers who no longer know what is and what is not allowed.”

Love across the border

The Marechaussee’s approach is strict. “Travelers often try to outsmart us. But if the documents are not in order, we must inexorably send people back. ”

The Marechaussee is also experiencing extra pressure this week. This is because Dutch people with a love across the border are allowed to see it again in the Netherlands. “But only when proofs, statements and any guarantees are presented to us on arrival and can be checked.”

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Crowds at the Military Police: hundreds of people refused by coronavirus


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