Human chain in search of man in mui Katwijk | Inland


The Coast Guard reports this.

The missing person was swimming in the sea with another man, but the two ended up in a mouse. While one man was able to get back to the beach, the other was unsuccessful.

Numerous boats, also from the KNRM rescue service, have been pulled out. Also water scooters of the Reddingsbrigade Nederland are in the water and vehicles on land search along. A helicopter is in the air. The Coast Guard Center in Den Helder coordinates the search.

Warning: beware of mice, strong current

The Rescue Brigade has issued a strong warning in advance for mice, because the danger is great these days, including through ‘sand replenishment’. Two 12-year-old boys were saved on Wednesday. Then the rescuers just happened to have an exercise.

What to do if you end up in a mouse? Check it out here.

What to do if you end up in a mouse? Check it out here.

Those who end up in a mouse should not swim against the current, but swim sideways out of the strongest current. You can often return via a sandbar. But, more importantly, make sure you avoid problems now – and the next few weeks – according to the Rescue Brigade against De Telegraaf yesterday.


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