Housekeeper Nadège can be seen in new Meuse season | NOW


Housekeeper Nadège Coffinet can be seen in the new season of Chateau Meiland. Tuesday evening it was announced that the Meiland family will return on SBS6 on August 31.

Despite the quarrel between Coffinet and the Meiland family, the housekeeper can still be seen in the fourth season. For example, the Meilandjes will help her find a new home.

“We are going to visit her properties to see if she can find another place there. Because she now lives in a neighborhood where, for example, cars are set on fire. It is all drama,” says daughter Maxime. Show news.

A spokesperson for Talpa confirms to that it concerns recordings that were already shot before the fight.

‘Behind the scenes family not so nice’

Last month the Meiland family decided to say goodbye to the housekeeper. Coffinet then expressed her displeasure with the family on her Facebook page. For example, she claimed that she was fired because “she was not doing her job properly” and that the behind-the-scenes family was not as nice to her as people thought.

According to the Meiland family, there was simply no more work for her, as the corona crisis meant that there were no more guests and so there were no rooms to clean.

In an interview with The Telegraph Coffinet told afterwards that she was not doing well partly due to the break-up and that she was even on antidepressants.


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