hot summer challenge with the two 50 Giga offers


Once again the great challenge is staged which sees two of the most popular managers on Italian soil: Vodafone and Iliad. Throughout the summer, operators will make their best initiatives available to hypothetical new customers, rich in Giga for the internet and at competitive prices.

Vodafone against Iliad: the best offers for portability

The commercial strategy of Iliad it is now very clear. The French provider, in fact, focuses on the popular and famous rechargeable call Giga 50. Customers who choose this initiative will be able to use unlimited consumption for phone calls and SMS with 50 Giga to surf the internet freely. The renewal cost for the promotion, without remodeling, is € 7.99 per month.

Vodafone replies to this initiative with its best dedicated offer for all customers who carry the number portability: we are talking about Special 50 Giga. The consumption thresholds for this rechargeable provide unlimited calls and 50 Giga for the internet. The cost, even in this circumstance, stands on 7,99 euro every thirty days.

Either way, customers will be asked for a fee to activate the network and the SIM. For both promotions, this fee stands at 10 euro lump sum. Users who choose these offers from Vodafone and Iliad, in turn, will also have gods advantages extra. With Special 50 Giga navigation under 4G and 4.5G networks plus personal hotspot is included in the price. With the Giga 50 instead it will be possible to make calls abroad at no additional cost.

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