Hospital visits end in a downer for NikkieTutorials


What a damper for Nikkie. The YouTuber suffers from a chronic bowel disease and receives medication for it. When she went to the hospital, she was told that she will have to take heavier medication. On Twitter she says how annoying she finds this. “If you have a bowel disease, you will apparently have to get heavier medication gradually,” says Nikkie. “So done with my body right now.”

No matter how bummed it is, Nikkie does get support under her post on Twitter. “Just like with the other thresholds that have happened to you, you will also overcome this,” says one. “It will be all right,” said another. “Keep hope,” one of her courage says. Earlier this year, there was a highlight for Nikkie. The YouTuber was asked to present the alternative Eurovision Song Contest. You can see all about it in the video below.

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